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Superintendent Message


Clay County Public Schools


Superintendent's Message

William Sexton, Superintendent

Mark Hoskins, Chairperson

Roy G. Allen, Vice Chairperson

Sharon A. Gray, Board Attorney


District Mission – "Preparing the hearts and minds of every student within our walls for a successful and attainable future!"



Anthony Lovett, Board Member

Robin Combs, Board Member

Leewood Cornett, Board Member


I would like to welcome everyone to the Clay County Public School website. Thank you for visiting, and I invite you to check back often. We are in the process of revising and updating the site so that it is more user friendly and up-to-date.

Our newest project is our exemplary teacher of the month and community organization / business of the month programs, which our School Board will be awarding monthly to one recipient for each award. The chosen teacher will be given the Teaching Excellence, Achievement, and Mastery (TEAM) Award, and the selected business / organization will be given the Honoring Outstanding Partners in Education (HOPE) Award. The details, instructions, and ballots can be found on the homepage under the, “Announcements,” section, and parent, teacher, and student participation is definitely encouraged; so, I urge you to check that out and participate.

As it nears the holiday season and the end of the first semester of school, I would like to commend our teachers, staff, students, and parents, on working well together to create such positive and welcoming learning environments where our students and staff are working diligently to make this school year a highly successful one.

I have been out in all of the schools and have seen great lessons and well-behaved, engaged students, and I feel that I have all of you to thank for that because we are all in this together. If we are to succeed and improve as I fully expect us to do, we have to remember that we are all part of a team, striving to raise young people, who will one day be the leaders in this community, state, and possibly the world.

It not only takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a community of caring, actively involved parents; supportive community members; logical, engaging instructors as well as our other truly valued, hardworking staff members. If we are to educate and mold these bright young minds we must all

pitch in and do our best, keeping in mind our children of today will eventually be preparing to go out into the workforce and lead us into a future that we can all look forward to.

Let’s continue to work together to ensure that our students are present in school in both body and mind every day, and that they are getting the best education and instruction that they could possibly get. This is what I fully expect from all of you. We must all pull together so that our district can continue to improve, grow, and prosper.

~William Sexton, Superintendent of the Clay County Public School District